The ethos of sustainability has been ingrained in the Indian society since its inception. Sustainable living is not a trend but a way of life that must be intentionally cultivated. It is in this ancient land of ecological, intellectual, and technological riches that Des Saints finds its roots.

Des Saints is much more than a clothing brand, it is designed to be a revolution. A revolution that jolts us out of our consumerist slumber and awakens us to a world where each individual is aware and mindful of the impact their choices have on our planet and home, the Earth.

With Des Saints, you get to experience the ultimate confluence of luxury, fashion, and sustainability. 

DES SAINTS: Embodying Practical Minimalism

Des Saints, the idea, originates from an attempt to cultivate a way of living that draws inspiration from the minimalistic lifestyle of saints, taking from nature responsibly and maintaining a venerating relationship with the world that we inhabit.  


Created using the purest cotton and bamboo sourced from India’s cotton hub, Gujarat, Des Saints luxury pieces are designed for comfort and longevity. 


Marking a break from sweatshops and fast fashion, Des Saints’ artful craftsmen produce its pieces using time-tested and environmentally conscious techniques that bring to you products that are unmatched in the quality and appearance. 


It’s widely known that India was making feather-soft unrivalled cotton products long before the advent of industrialization. Des Saints products are an ode to this admirable human mastery.